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Monolith Arena Board Game: Golems Expansion

POR3355 Monolith Arena Board Game: Golems Expansion published by Portal Games

POR3355: Monolith Arena Board Game: Golems Expansion is Out of Stock

The flash of the Monoliths power interrupted the bloody olympics, and it was more than just a magical anomaly. The Golems serving in different factions broke free from their mystical bonds, and instead of falling back into clay and mud, they gained consciousness, free will, and a brutal instinct to survive. The Golems rebellion continues, and the magical constructs are the newest army in search of the Monoliths power.

With the Golems you lead great power into battle, but also face many limitations. The opportunity to place powerful Champions on the board is only possible when they are controlled by Constructors. In order to use the Golems strength, you must do it when their Constructor is near. A Golem is a tool of the Constructors, and damaged Golems may be brought back as long as their Constructor is still alive. The Golems are not only incredibly resilient and able to endure the damage that would be deadly for other Warriors, but they also use their mass and strength in the most fundamental wayto literally trample their opponents under foot.

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £6.49
       (RRP is 11.99)