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Modern War Magazine #55: Objective: Hamburg

DCGMW55 Modern War Magazine #55: Objective: Hamburg published by Decision Games

Objective Hamburg & Seven Days to the Rhine - War in Europe in the 1980s: In this fifth and final installment of the Seven Days to the Rhine Series, we analyze the situation in the far north of Germany.

Other Articles:

  • Operation Game Warden: Mekong Delta, 1965-68: >During 1968 alone, Game Warden sailors earned more than 500 Purple Hearts (some men earned two or three), an astounding feat considering the tiny percentage (about one-half of one percent) of naval personnel they comprised at that time.
  • The IndonesianMalaysian Confrontation (19631966): During Great Britains pullback after World War II, Britain fought several Imperial Rearguard campaigns in faraway corners of the empire. One of these rearguard actions, usually forgotten in the Malaya Emergency and Vietnam shadow, was the Indonesian-Malaysia Confrontation.
  • The Second Chechen War: Russias failed attempt to regain control of Chechnya in the First Chechen War ended in August 1996. Following the withdrawal of Russian forces, the situation in Chechnya failed to improve. By 1999, the Russians were better prepared, and an opportunity to intervene grew out of conflict in neighboring Dagestan.
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