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Modern War Magazine #53: Objective Kassel

DCGMW53 Modern War Magazine #53: Objective Kassel published by Decision Games

Objective Kassel & Seven Days to the Rhine: War in Europe in the 1980s: In this fourth installment of the Seven Days to the Rhine Series, we analyze the situation on the British sector of the front.

Other Articles:

  • The Guinea-Bissau War of Independence (19631974): Guinea has been called "Portugal's Vietnam," due to the similarities of terrain, tactics, and equipment including helicopters, riverine warfare, and the widespread use of airpower and defoliants. Added to this was the internal political turmoil the war created in Portugal.
  • Tanks in the Central Highlands: ARVN and NVA Armor in Laos, 1971: Operation Lam Son 719 aimed to cross the border into Laos and disrupt the H? Ch Minh Trail, used by North Vietnam to move supplies and troops south. This operation would lead to the first armored action between North and South Vietnamese forces.
  • Disputed Islands: Irans Seizure of Abu Musa and the Tunb Islands: The UAE continues to make its case, and enjoys widespread international support, over its legal claims to these islands. The Iranians, however, refuse to shift their rigid stance and, regardless of international opinion, insist on the 1992 status quo. Heres the history.
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