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Masters Of Crime Card Game: Rapture

THK683827 Masters Of Crime Card Game: Rapture published by Kosmos Games

White sandy beaches, the gentle sound of waves, and a well-functioning drug cartel: this is what the "Isla de Cubaidos" is known for that, and its international superstar Dayana.

But for you, the Caribbean paradise could soon become hell because the secret drug network that you have built up on the island is threatened by a public scandal: Dayana has disappeared on the island without a trace. Can you find out what happened to her before the police search party arrives and inspects your island?

To play Masters of Crime: Rapture, you'll use traditional apps like Google Maps or Wikipedia to gather information, while also collecting evidence, investigating crime scenes, and interrogating suspects.

No. of Players: 1 to 5

Duration: 120 to 240 minutes

Min. Age: 16

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