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FLFFLW12 MORK BORG RPG: Ikhon published by Free League Publishing

FLFFLW12: MORK BORG RPG: Ikhon is Out of Stock

IKHON is a mysterious box. A gaol keeping four almost-forgotten folk gods at bay; the Bilkherd, the Becklure, the Old Dead and the dreaded Silkfiend.Those who dare commune with them are promised great rewards. But life and death go hand in hand and too small a sacrifice could be perceived as an insult. This gift could very well be a curse.

  • IKHON is an a6 box with rules on how to unfetter the Profane Profound. While you can never choose which one to summon and how they'll react, (willing) human sacrifice will tip the odds slightly in your favor.
  • Within are four tracts, one for each god-creature, detailing their gifts and punishments. Each a 24 page A6 booklet.
  • Written by Pelle Nilsson but torn apart and rebuilt in a stranger, darker form by Fiona Maeve Geist and Jarrett Crader of the MoonRat Conspiracy.
  • Over 40 full-page illustrations by the masterful Paraguayan artist Samuel Araya, whose oil paintings will bring the Profane Profound to blasphemous life.
  • Price: £14.99
           (RRP is 19.99)

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