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WFGODE001 MORK BORG RPG: Demon Dog published by Nightfall Games

WFGODE001: MORK BORG RPG: Demon Dog is Out of Stock

Demon Dog is a role-playing game set in a medieval history that never was. You play "Dogs", revenants that were snatched from purgatory by Demon Barons, seeking redemption and a pint. You're not a hero now and you weren't one before you lived, but you're possibly making things better, or worse, or at the very least less boring.

This book here, its got Nightfall Games' splatterpunk style and dark humour, but they've cranked it up to 12 cause this here game is an ode to punk and the OSR revival. An' just cause we use words like "ode" an' shite, don't mean we didn't make an awesome game. Demon Dog is an irreverent game set in an irreverent age. It is MORK BORG, punk-style. Demon Dog is based on MORK BORG, a fantastic lightweight and brutal system that gets out of the way as much as it can, allowing you to get your havoc on without getting bogged down with complicated tables and stuff. MORK BORG is a rules-lite doom metal album of a game in the OSR genre and Demon Dog takes the same thesis and applies it to the Punk aesthetic. While iinspired by MORK BORG and is compatible with it, Demon Dog is a stand-alone product. You can smash together the ideas in both books or pull ideas from one into the other!

Price: 20.99
       (RRP is 24.99)

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