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Lifeform Board Game: Dragon's Domain Solo Expansion

HALSOLO1ST18 Lifeform Board Game: Dragon's Domain Solo Expansion published by Hall Or Nothing Productions

You are alone! You guess the rest of the crew are dead. Time is running out; self-destruct warnings are periodically announced by the emotionless female voice of the SIS-TER mainframe computer once comforting, now dread-inducing. In your hands, a glitchy, heat analyzer; a motion tracker; and a partly-fuelled flame unit. The hostile alien lifeform is close. You are terrified beyond words. Your objective: rescue the ships cat; download the data files that will incriminate your odious employer, Ventham Mine-Corp; and escape on the Remora emergency shuttlecraft. Will you be able to survive the doomed mining starship, Valley Forge or will you perish in the attempt?

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