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Legend Of The Five Rings RPG: Shadowlands

ESL5R06EN Legend Of The Five Rings RPG: Shadowlands published by Edge Entertainment Studio

Discover the vile locations and denizens of this ancient realm, as well as the brave samurai who stand against them, including the mighty Falcon Clan. Finally, advice for Game Masters running campaigns in this dark domain ensures your games are dripping with theme. Can your samurai survive the perils of the Shadowlands?

South of Rokugan lies the foul Shadowlands, the home of horrid demons and unnatural creatures. Centuries ago, the Crab Clan built the huge Kaiu Wall to contain these threats, but each day sees new assaults. Without samurai of courage and honor to defend against the threats of the Shadowlands, the Emerald Empire would surely fall.

Shadowlands explores these dark realms and the tainted creatures that fester within, as well as the samurai who do battle against them at the Wall or beyond.

In this sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, you will find a wealth of information for gaming in the Shadowlands as well as in Crab Clan territories, including:

  • Tales of the Shadowlands and its many vile denizens and locations such as the Festering Pit of Fu Leng, plus those of the Crab Clan and the Kaiu Wall itself.
  • Rules for the Falcon Minor Clan, plus new schools, weapons, techniques, and weapon patterns designed to thwart the evils of the Shadowlands. Players also gain new maho techniques, should they dare to use such forbidden blood magic rites to gain power.
  • GM Support including tips for running Shadowlands-themed adventures, rules for generating unique, demonic oni, and guidance on using corruption in games.
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