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Legend Of The Five Rings RPG: Path Of Waves

ESL5R10EN Legend Of The Five Rings RPG: Path Of Waves published by Edge Entertainment Studio

Most of those who dwell in Rokugan believe the Celestial Order to be absolute. Individuals who dont fit neatly into the grand design of the divine heirarchy are considered heretics, renegades, and outcasts. From the masterless ronin who wander the Emerald Empire adrift to the outsider gaijin who hail froms lands afar, the domain of the Great Clans are home to many who walk a different path.

Path of Waves explores stories of heroic struggle, camaraderie, redemption, and revenge. This supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game offers 256 pages of guidance, resources, and new content to help players and game masters craft tales of outcasts in the Emerald Empire and includes:

  • A new set of The Game of Twenty Questions that adds a myriad of new options to create ronin, peasant, and gaijin characters!
  • Adventure seeds, NPC profiles, and two fully-realized settings to help GMs bring the world of Rokugan to life for those on the lowest rungs of society.
  • Information on the distant Ivory Kingdoms, including new rules for summoning the celestial implements of the gods.
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