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Legend Of The Five Rings RPG: Courts Of Stone

ESL5R08EN Legend Of The Five Rings RPG: Courts Of Stone published by Edge Entertainment Studio

The mighty castles of Rokugan and their courts are the centers of governance and politics in the Empire. Here courtiers plot and scheme to destroy their foes, treachery lurks behind every false smile, and deadly spies and assassins lurk in every shadow.

Courts of Stone details these treacherous battlefields of words and intentions, as well as the courtiers who plot the course of the Empire and their shinobi agents.

In this sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, you will find a wealth of information for running games of politics and intrigue as well as information on the Crane clan, including:

  • Valuable information about the greatest centers of political and military power in the Emerald Empire; Rokugans mighty castles.
  • Rules for the Deer Minor Clan, plus new schools, weapons, and techniques for those who choose to do battle in the courts. Players also find a wealth of support for playing shinobi characters including the Mercenary Ninja, a clanless and amoral master of covert operations.
  • GM support including guidance on running intrigue and romance-themed adventures, rules for creating ones own court, and tips for engaging shinobi characters in games.
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