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Kingdomino Origins Board Game

BLU09039 Kingdomino Origins Board Game published by Blue Orange Games

Travel back in time to a prehistoric era of Kingdomino! Build your tribe as strong as you can so you can rule over all kingdoms! Use erupted lava to bring fire to your regions, gather resources and recruit fearless cavemen to expand your tribe and hunting territory. This is a stand-alone game in the Kingdomino family.

Aim: Strategically connect your dominoes into your five x five hunting territory. Win comfort points and make your territory as welcoming as possible for your tribe. There are three game modes to Kingdomino Origins, and it is recommended that they are played in order. Discovery Mode: Draw your first four dominoes from the draw pile, and 10 fire tokens next to the box. Take turns placing your tribe chief on one tile, as in Kingdomino. From here on, turn order is determined by the chief placed on the top tile. Playing order is determined by the position of chiefs, the first Chief makes the first move and must take the domino they are on, add it to their territory (making sure to match territories together) and then place their chief on a selected tile from the next line of dominoes. The volcanoes will erupt lava and cause fires with the number of fires corresponding to the number of volcanoes. Take a fire token and place it in your terrain according to the number of squares it launches. Once all the tiles are gone, tally your points; the number of terrains connected x the number of fire tokens in that region. Highest score wins! Totem Mode: Set up as previous mode, then place the wooden resource tokens on the corresponding squares as you go along e.g., fish token on a lake. When you place your domino, if you have the highest number of that resource, you take the resource token (or steal another players). Make sure you watch out for fires, it will destroy your resources! Points are calculated the same as discovery mode, and totem tiles and resource tiles will earn you bonus! Tribe Mode: Set up as discovery mode, then add in the cavemen! On your turn, you now have the option of recruiting cavemen by spending resources, and placing your cavemen on a square of your choice. (Watch out for fires) Cavemen will earn you comfort points - each type are worth a different number of points. Points are calculated the same as discovery mode, then add together all bonus points from cavemen. Bonus!: Kingdomino Origins is the newest addition to the Kingdomino family by designer Bruno Cathala and features three game modes for extended play!


  • x4 starting Tiles
  • x4 3d huts
  • x8 wooden tribe chiefs
  • x48 dominoes
  • x1 cave board
  • x22 caveman tiles
      x4 totem tiles
      x1 mammoth
      x1 fish
      x1 mushroom
      x1 flint
  • x49 wooden resources:
      16 mammoths
      13 fish
      11 mushrooms
      9 flints
  • x10 fire tokens
  • x1 scorecard notebook
  • No. of Players: 2 to 4

    Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: £21.99
           (RRP is 27.99)