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King Of Tokyo Board Game: Anubis Monster Pack

IEL51531 King Of Tokyo Board Game: Anubis Monster Pack published by Iello

The King Kong Monster Pack adds new elements to the game: Curse Cards and the Dice of Fate.

Evolution cards let you play King of Tokyo and King of New York with supercharged monsters! King Kong's Evolutions work like the Evolutions in King of Tokyo: Power Up! and King of New York: Power Up! To play with Anubis Evolutions, you need the Power Up! expansion for whichever base game you have.

While rampaging through a history museum, you accidentally stepped on a sarcophagus, causing Anubis to appear, intent on on avenging the profaned mummy. Can you escape the wrath of the God of the Dead as he showers curses on the town?

No. of Players: 2 to 6

Duration: 30 minutes

Min. Age: 8

Price: £8.99
       (RRP is 11.99)