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King And Assassins Board Game: Deluxe Edition

GALGLKSD King And Assassins Board Game: Deluxe Edition published by Galakta

GALGLKSD: King And Assassins Board Game: Deluxe Edition is Out of Stock

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. Charles de Secondat. The king has finally descended among his people, safe behind a shield wall of his so called knights and sure of his immense authority. Walking among the crowd, he pays no heed to the shouts of rising anger, blindly believing that his subjects are too scared to act against his rule. Yet, there are shadowy forces ready to topple the throne and secret agents hidden among the throng who are more than willing to strike at the most opportune moment. The fate of the kingdom is soon to be decided

King & Assassins: Deluxe Edition is not a new game, but a refreshed and streamlined edition of a very successful title from 2013. For the fifth anniversary this Deluxe Edition features: a bigger box, larger, double-sided board with new, stunning artwork of a medieval city and most importantly a set of 23 masterfully sculpted miniatures in 15 varieties! All this results in a truly immersive, 2-player gaming experience that will bring you hours of enjoyable gameplay.

No. of Players: 2

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £31.99
       (RRP is 39.99)