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Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition Volume 2

GMG4615 Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition Volume 2 published by Goodman Games

Goodman Games is pleased to present the biggest RPG sourcebook you have seen!

In the earliest days of role-playing, Bob Bledsaw Sr. and Bill Owen co-founded Judges Guild in Decatur, Illinois to publish products compatible with Dungeons & Dragons. When their first product debuted at Gen Con 1976, it heralded the next chapter in the Golden Age of RPG publishing. Judges Guild introduced the concept of the adventure module, among many other innovations, and changed the course of Dungeons & Dragons play.

This second volume of the deluxe oversized hardcover series contains three iconic Judges Guild adventure modules: The Book of Treasure Maps, The Caverns of Thracia, and Dark Tower. All three titles are presented in their original form. They have been scanned directly from original printings, then digitally cleaned and restored, to present the highest possible quality.

This volume also includes full reproductions of the first 6 issues of The Dungeoneer. These Golden Age zines have never before been reprinted in their original format.

Price: 104.99
       (99.74 after automatic discount!, RRP is 124.99)