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Judge Dredd Board Game

REBUNPLUGJD Judge Dredd Board Game published by Rebellion Unplugged

Mega-City One. A vast 22nd metropolis of 800 million citizens, each one a potential criminal. Under the watchful eye of the Judges no one escapes justice, whether their crime is littering or murder. And now, YOU ARE THE LAW! Head out onto the streets of Mega-City One and prove you are worth of the badge. Bring the Angel Gang, Judge Death, Orlok the Assassin and other notorious lawbreakers to justice! But be warned - they won't go down without a fight, and even a lowlife sugar-addict can take you out if they get lucky.

40 YEARS, CREEPS! Designed by legendary Fighting Fantasy author and Games Workshop founder Ian Livingstone, Judge Dredd is an iconic British game of crushing crime and/or your friends. Timed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original classic, this new edition offers the ultimate Judge Dredd experience with updated cards, revised rules for faster play, and newly recoloured artwork from iconic 2000 AD artists Brian Bolland and Ian Gibson. This edition also introduces the Specialist Judges expansion, letting players choose between six unique Judges from across the history of Mega-City One. Each Judge has a special ability that will change how players approach the game, be it the brute strength of the Mechanismo droid, the innate abilities of the Psi Judge, the unrivalled authority of the Chief Judge, the added support available to the fresh-faced Cadet, the brutal methods of the Special Judicial Squad, or the... unique skills of the undercover Wally Squad!

No. of Players: 2 to 6

Duration: 90 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £29.99
       (RRP is 39.99)