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Israeli Air Force Leader Board Game: Expansion 1

DVV1021B Israeli Air Force Leader Board Game: Expansion 1 published by Dan Verssen Games

Israeli Air Force Expansion #1 is an expansion for the Israeli Air Force Leader solitaire air tactical game. This expansion adds new gameplay to the original core set with new campaigns and aircraft to play with, new alternate targets to attack, new events to handle, and new skills to customize your pilots!

New components include 36 new aircraft cards, 49 alternate target cards, 4 event cards, a Skills sheet, a counter sheet (88 counters), 4 campaign sheets and a rulesheet detailing how the new items can be used. In the original print run, a d10 die (Kickstarter stretch goal) with the aircraft silhouette in the "10" place was included.

  • The Attack Run Sheet was a Kickstarter exclusive, and not included in the regular Expansion set.
  •        (, RRP is 0.00)