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Ironclaw RPG: The Book Of Corals

SGP1109 Ironclaw RPG: The Book Of Corals published by Sanguine Productions

Once uncharted, the islands of Furanthur are now home to the notorious Goldbeard, self-styled ''king of the pirates''. By force of personality, by hand, and by nature itself, this bold leader claims dominion over this archipelago, rich in resources and steeped in mystery.

Goldbeard dreams of his own empire, and many buccaneers flock to his banner, striking out from these strange ports for rich plunder on the fat merchant-ships. But there is no honor among thieves, and Goldbeard isn't the only one who would be king. And those who came before, the autochthones native to these isles, have their own wishes before they would bow down before a pretender to rule.

This supplement to IRONCLAW: ANTHROPOMORPHIC FANTASY ROLE-PLAY adds the Furanthur Isles and its neighbors to your campaign, with both land above the water and strange new aquatic domains below. Would you throw in with the pirates who value freedom above all else? Will you fly the colors from Calabria, Zhongguo, Akoma, or some other nation?

Or will you walk with the indigenes and help them preserve their way of life against those who would colonize and exploit them? You will need a copy of the IRONCLAW Omnibus or the IRONCLAW Players Book to use this book.

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