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Invisible Sun RPG: The Nightside

MCG226 Invisible Sun RPG: The Nightside published by Monte Cook Games

You dont have to be evil to own this book. But it helps!

Some say the Nightside is evil, but thats a misunderstanding. Or at least an oversimplification. It is dark, that much is certain. Forbidden. Dangerous. Those who walk the Nightside Path meddle with the sinister. Those who call upon its forces risk muchperhaps all.

The Nightside is your guide to this dangerous antithesis of the Path of Suns. Some who call upon this forbidden tome will undoubtedly be seen as villains, but though its use is risky, it is not inherently without benefit. If you are willing to accept that risk, you will find new fortes, new patrons, dozens of magical practicesminor and long-formand Nightside locations and characters. And, of course, many secrets of the Nightside.

Surely, vislae, these benefits outweigh the risks?

Price: 38.99
       (RRP is 44.99)