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HeroQuest Board Game: Ogre Horde Quest Pack

HASF9528 HeroQuest Board Game: Ogre Horde Quest Pack published by Avalon Hill

You, the Emperor's greatest heroes, must stop the Ogre horde. Only the most courageous dare face these mighty agents of destruction who revel in violence and leave a trail of devastation in their wake. Seek out their subterranean fortress and battle your way through tunnels. There, in the very heart of the mountains, you will find the hall of the Ogre Lord. Destroy him and you will break the power of the Ogre Horde. But beware the Ogres have devised many deadly new traps to crush you and are aided by the foul powers of Chaos sorcery. You will need all the courage and fighting skills that you command to defeat these awesome creatures. So prepare for battle against the Ogre Horde.

No. of Players: 1 to 5

Duration: 30 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £36.99
       (RRP is 40.99)

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