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HP Lovecraft's Dagon

CT5117 HP Lovecraft's Dagon published by Chaosium

A sailor escapes in a lifeboat after his ship is attacked by a German raider during World War I. He soon finds himself in more bizarre peril, stranded in a dark, stinking mire on the edge of a mammoth pit. Venturing into the pit, he discovers a monolith covered in weird hieroglyphics and something stranger still that crawls from the slimea creature that may be the vanguard of a vast and monstrous invading army from the depths of the sea. The famous H.P. Lovecraft story Dagon is gracefully retold in anapestic tetrameter and illustrated in a darkly whimsical style by "genius poet-artist" R.J. Ivankovic.

Price: 11.99
       (RRP is 14.99)