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HIDE Dice Game

MDG4234 HIDE Dice Game published by Mayday Games

MDG4234: HIDE Dice Game is on Sale

In the world of secret agents exists a legendary figure. He never failed any mission, and no enemies who met him could avoid facing death. No matter how trivial missions are, he is the sole agent who carries them through. For this reason, he was given a secret code name: The Legend.

Today the world's secret agents aim to surpass him. However, all of them are well aware that in this field, they are not the only competitors. Therefore, you need to choose wisely. Will you quickly raise your rank by eliminating competitors, or will you safely complete your mission by tightly hiding your identity and gathering money? As with all things, You'll need not only your skills but a good dose of luck to succeed.

H.I.D.E.: Hidden Identity Dice Espionage is a spy-themed dice game based on a deduction mechanism. Utilise the information disclosed as the game goes on to try to find out other player's identity while hiding your own. Gathering intel cards that are displayed in the middle of the play area to earn money. Each round you pick a dice determining whether you stay in the shadows or reveal some information about your identity in order to attempt to eliminate another spy. Whoever gathers the most money through intel cards or becomes the Legendary Spy wins.

No. of Players: 2 to 5

Duration: 30 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £17.99
       (RRP is 34.99)