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HEXplore It Board Game: The Sands Of Shurax Encounter Deck

HPSMJDH0433 HEXplore It Board Game: The Sands Of Shurax Encounter Deck published by Mariucci Designs

This Encounter Deck adds a new way to play The Sands of Shurax. All previously existing encounters from the Core Box, the Expansion, and the Living Card deck are reprinted with epic new art! These decks add a new way to play the game by separating the Encounters into their own deck. Additionally, these encounters are not restricted to the volume they originally appeared in, allowing you to add and customize what encounters will appear in any volume you play.

Boons are newly introduced in The Domain of Mirza Noctis. When you draw one of these from the Encounter deck, you'll draw another card. If it is another Boon, you keep drawing. If the last card drawn is an Encounter, you'll gain extra rewards after battle. If the card is not an Encounter (a difficulty increase for instance), you'll shuffle the Boons back into the Encounter deck. Boons offer new and increased rewards!


  • 33 Fully Illustrated Encounters
  • 3 Menace Cards
  • 6 Boons
  • 3 Additional Cards
  • Price: £11.99
           (RRP is 16.99)