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Genesys RPG: Expanded Player's Guide

ESGNS04EN Genesys RPG: Expanded Player's Guide published by Edge Entertainment Studio

Take your Genesys game to the next level with the Expanded Players Guide, the must-have expansion for players and Game Masters alike! This book contains a wealth of knowledge for players eager to equip their characters with interesting new gear, vehicles, and spells and Game Masters designing their own settings.

This expansion includes:

  • Three exciting new example settings with plenty of advice on customization, themes, gear, new rules, and character options to help make each one your own.
  • A step-by-step setting creation guide that makes building your own setting fun and easy, along with plenty of inspiration for interesting customizations.
  • New rules for creating your own vehicles and a robust collection of examples, from chariots to bombers to giant mecha.
  • Quick rules for creating your own adversaries, a collection of new adversaries for any setting, and new challenge rating rules to help build balanced encounters.
  • New spells and talents for the Genesys magic system, new tones, specialization trees, and much, much more
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