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Gamegenic Holder Cave - Black

GGS25099ML Gamegenic Holder Cave - Black published by Gamegenic

The Holder Cave is a casual and durable multifunctional box that can safely hold token boxes or deck boxes. With this product players receive a compact deck box with a self-locking mechanism. The lid can be opened more than 180 degrees for easy access to deck boxes, token boxes, or cards. The Holder Cave can safely store and transport 5 Token Holders, 2 Side Holders 100+ XL, or 200+ double-sleeved cards in extra Thick Inner Sleeves. It supports our modular system idea: it is compatible with other Gamegenic products, such as Dungeon 1100+ and Dungeon S 550+. The Holder Cave is perfect for a huge variety of board games, card games, TCGs, and LCGs.

Price: £4.49
       (RRP is 5.99)