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Gamegenic Card's Lair 400+ Red

GGS20084ML Gamegenic Card's Lair 400+ Red published by Gamegenic

"The next BIG thing!" This is what many customers have been waiting for: a large premium box to perfectly fit standard-sized cards in sleeves. With the additional innovative features, this is all you need for your collection on a great gaming night.

This multi-functional premium box is designed to perfectly fit 400 double-sleeved, or 540 board game-sleeved cards. Two removable drawers with ingenious magnetic flaps provide easy access to tokens, sleeved cards, or full decks. The top compartment can be used to store played cards, accessories, or as a mini dice tray. With our highly rated CONVERTIBLE system the removable cover clips onto the bottom saving precious space on your gaming table when opened. Powerful magnets together with our innovative locking mechanism provide a secure closure, even if the box is shaken upside-down. Also available as an EXCLUSIVE LINE version, covered in black Nexofyber+ surface material with a vibrant microfiber inner lining. Premium multifunctional card box with perfect width for standard-sized sleeved cards. No loose standard cards! Designed to hold up to 400 double-sleeved or 540 board-game-sleeved cards. Perfect for tournament players, a gaming night with a lot of cards or for games like Pokémon, Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror LCG, KeyForge, or Terraforming Mars. Ideal for the Magic: The Gathering format Cube Draft. 2 extra slots: one for sleeved oversized cards (such as Magic: The Gathering Commander and more) and one for life pads/ writing pads 2 removable drawers for token, dice, sleeved cards or full decks. Drawers can hold 40 additional double-sleeved cards each (or 50 with board-game sleeves each). Revolutionary magnetic flaps guarantee effortless pulling-out of the drawers. Notched drawer compartments for easy access; right down to the last card. Top-level compartment for additional accessories, played cards, or usable as a mini dice tray.

Price: 42.99
       (RRP is 56.99)