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Four Humours Board Game

ASS1601 Four Humours Board Game published by Adam's Apple Games

In Four Humours, you are a doctor in medieval times, and everyone knows that your personality is determined by an imbalance of your bodily fluids, a.k.a., the four humours: Choleric (Yellow bile) -Goal-oriented, decisive, ambitious. Sanguine (Red blood) - Talkative, enthusiastic, social. Melancholic (Black bile) - Analytical, detail-oriented, reserved. Phlegmatic (White phlegm) - Relaxed, peaceful, easy-going.

The kingdom - composed of six map tiles with various locations - is filled with all types of personalities, from choleric sorcerers to phlegmatic peasants. Prove you're the best medieval doctor by visiting citizens throughout the kingdom so they can live out their life's ambitions... or lack thereof. A competitive strategy game for 2-6 players where you'll need to bluff and outwit your opponents. You play as a medieval philosopher trying to prove your worth to the kingdom. Influence the right citizens and your name will go down in history.

No. of Players: 1 to 6

Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: 24.99
       (RRP is 44.99)