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Formula D Board Game Expansion 3: Singapore and Docks

ASMFDC3 Formula D Board Game Expansion 3: Singapore and Docks published by Asmodee

In the Formula D expansion, Singapore, the race starts at night. The design team got me on this one, for the first time of my life I can say I really like the graphics of a Formula 1 track.

On a Tactical side, the game features a turn with 3 stops, as well as, two relatively tight turns with two stops! There is even the curve of Sundec City which, while requiring only one stop, leaves you between 1 to 4 squares to negotiate it at the exit of the only long straight line! That will hurt my tires.

You can feel the monsoon not too far. It is raining, it is gloomy. Slick rain tires are your best friend.

Singapore consists of a Coastal town, variable weather, a tricky track with hard decisions on each turn, lots of common points with the basic track Monaco, and some surprises if you manage it in the same way. I will let you discover it; I believed that the coastal towns acting as tax shelters and Formula 1 are a natural!

The Docks are a vast plain. From there three circuits which all cross, themselves. There are containers forgotten on the track. In brief the circuit consists of a full zone of activity...and action. It goes in all directions; we can make a structured race or can just go crazy. Dont get too close, or I will toast you!

The docks consist of only one large turn with 3 stops. Others? Only 1 stop. That is sick! Here there are no neighbours that will shoot you with a rifle, no police patrol force (the police force, they prefer to protect the residential districts that those where that feels perspiration, not?). There is a small oil spot on the track. But very small, dont worry about it (dont worry, I will for you). So small that you wont even notice it...I tell...dont care about it...

A last, the stands are accessible only by one of the three junctions. No rest until the end...

No. of Players: 2 to 10

Duration: 60 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £15.99
       (RRP is 20.99)