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Flick Of Faith Board Game

ARLFLICKO1 Flick Of Faith Board Game published by Awaken Realms

Gods are Powerful... and Bored! Make a bet with the others, use your unique powers, and gather the most believers in the World's Navel Archipelago. Flick of Faith is a dexterity area control game with easy-to-learn rules loaded with pure fun. Although you may start playing within minutes of opening the box, there is a lot of replayability. Different gods, a lot of exciting laws and you - the divine flicker. 1. Vote for the Law Cards. 2. Flick your Prophets and get points for Domination. 3. Count victory points and win the game!


  • 20 Law Cards
  • 4 Double-sided God Cards
  • 1 Game Mat (19" x 19")
  • Victory Point Tokens
  • Wooden Discs
  • Cardboard Tokens
  • Rulebook
  • No. of Players: 2 to 4

    Duration: 15 to 40 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: 32.99
           (RRP is 39.99)

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