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Fiasco RPG: One Step Too Far Expansion Pack

BPG109 Fiasco RPG: One Step Too Far Expansion Pack published by Bully Pulpit Games

All the cool stuff happens on the edges of civilization. Inhospitable landscapes. Outlaws looking for big payoffs. That's where you find people who don't fit in anywhere else - the people headed for a fiasco!

Boomtown by Jason Morningstar: Gold wrecks people. Not you, of course. You're better than that - smarter, meaner. Where others see quick riches, you see rot. And where there's rot there's weakness, and where there's weakness there's opportunity. You'll make this place cough up its gold, sure enough, but probably not with a pickaxe. You're smarter than that. And meaner. The Ice by Jason Morningstar: McMurdo Station is a slice of America transplanted to Antarctica, with all that entails we're here to do science, but we're also doing crimes. Think of an isolated American mountain town and use your imagination. People get a little intense down here on the ice, and tend toward poor decisions, and sometimes it all goes wrong...

Price: 12.49
       (RRP is 14.99)