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Fateforge: Chronicles Of Kaan Board Game: Clash Of The Immortals Expansion

MBFF002EN Fateforge: Chronicles Of Kaan Board Game: Clash Of The Immortals Expansion published by Mighty Boards

In Clash of the Immortals, you set off on an epic journey across the continent of Kaan - a journey that will take you from dragon's lairs among icy mountain peaks, across vast steppes where a young warlord is raising a horde to challenge the throne, and to the cursed ruins of an ancient city deep in the desert wastes. You will find yourself tipping the balance of power between two immortal leaders with vast ambitions - the Ilkral, undying ruler of the Kartacol empire, and Lady Bekasi, the undead lich who is the true force behind the throne of the old Kaan. Your homeland - and all of Kaan - is bound up in their ruthless designs, as they vie with each other to gain an ancient weapon that could lay waste to the world. What Fate will you forge for the lands of Kaan?

Clash of the Immortals is the first expansion for Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan containing a new campaign, a completely new gameplay mechanic and a new hero, among other things. The new campaign sees our heroes move out of Easafir and its environs, where the campaign of the base game takes place, and journey across Kaan. The expansion adds a new gameplay feature: party skills. These are powerful skills that the whole party can contribute to in order to unleash group moves that add a new level of coordination and complexity to the game. Clash of the Immortals also features a new hero, the Enchantress, whose powerful magic makes her play differently from other heroes. The expansion contains two new floorplan sets, the desert ruins and mountain sets, along with new story scene tiles. Finally will come across new side quests, rest locations, enemies, weapons and items.

No. of Players: 1 to 4

Min. Age: 14

       (, RRP is 0.00)