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Expedition Of Death Murder Mystery Game

CUL831047 Expedition Of Death Murder Mystery Game published by Culinario Mortale

This expedition in the Peruvian jungle uncovered a real sensation The royal priestesses burial chamber.

But while the excavation team were still busy celebrating their success in the evening, the famous archaeology professor Mary Stonerock was found dead.

You had expected this expedition to be nothing less than an archaeological miracle. For two months, youve all been in the Peruvian rainforest looking for the remains of the Moche people, an advanced South American civilisation that preceded the Incas and has hardly been studied.

You knew you were on the right path, as you had found countless small vases, tools and other artefacts over the past few days. Late in the afternoon, you finally found the tomb of the priestesses. This important find would have been another milestone in the career of Mary Stonerock, the UKs youngest professor of archaeology.

Mary decided to celebrate the find with a hearty feast and an evening of drinking. You raised a toast to your joint success and speculated as to what the tomb, which was to be opened the next day, might contain. But the evening took a tragic turn when Christian discovered Marys corpse at around midnight in the entrance of her tent.

Director Gustavo Navarro has since notified the police using the camps radio. They are due to arrive at the remote excavation site in a few hours. Until they arrive, you are all on your own in solving the mystery. What happened? How could this expedition have ended so tragically?

For 5 7 players: 3 female and 4 male roles (7 players). Male roles can be played by women and vice versa.

No. of Players: 5 to 7

Duration: 120 to 240 minutes

Min. Age: 18

Price: £14.99
       (RRP is 19.99)