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Escape Board Game: Big Box 2nd Edition

QU10353 Escape Board Game: Big Box 2nd Edition published by Queen Games

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is a real-time, cooperative game in which all players must escape from a temple after awakening an ancient curse. Players navigate through the temple by rolling dice and matching symbols to rooms, thereby gaining entry and visibility into adjacent rooms. So the temple "map" randomly unfolds as you explore further...every game is different! But as you explore, don't wander too far! All players must find the exit before the curse seals the adventurers in forever! The real-time aspect is enhanced by a soundtrack that can be played during the game. At certain points, a countdown starts, and if players aren't back in the safe room when time is up, "lost" players lose one of their dice.

The Big Box Edition includes:

  • Escape the base game
  • Expansion Module 1 Treasures
  • Expansion Module 2 Curses
  • Expansion Module 3 Illusion Chambers
  • Expansion Module 4 Special Chambers
  • Expansion Module 5 Quest Chambers
  • Expansion Module 6 Characters
  • Expansion Module 7 Trap Chambers
  • Expansion Module 8 Time Chambers
  • Queenie: The Pit
  • Queenie: Doomed
  • Queenie: The Fountain
  • Queenie: Quest Chambers
  • Queenie: The Maze
  • Queenie: New Characters
  • Queenie: The Maya Calendar
  • Queenie: Exchange Chamber
  • Queenie: Totem Chamber
  • Queenie: The Cursed Gems
  • Rules Booklet
  • No. of Players: 1 to 6

    Duration: 10 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

           (, RRP is 0.00)