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Dungeons And Dragons: Strixhaven Box Set 1

WZK96127 Dungeons And Dragons: Strixhaven Box Set 1 published by WizKids Games

A magical world boasts many places where students can study magic and many sages who take eager learners under their wings. But being accepted to Strixhaven University is a special honor, the dream of many young students. Strixhaven is a place of enlightenment and learning, and both its graduates and its delegates are typically welcomed and respected wherever they go. Each miniature is supplied on a 25mm base. Plastic components.


  • Daemogoth
  • Groff
  • Oriq Blood Mage
  • Cogwork Archivist
  • Trudge
  • Murgaxor
  • Price: 41.99
           (RRP is 49.99)