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Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Shadow Drow Supplement

SHG0502 Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Shadow Drow Supplement published by Solace Games

Step into a world free of political intrigue and scheming. Free from the battle between good and evil, or law and chaos. Take up a dagger and delve into the shadows to enter a world of secrecy with the Shadow Drow!

In this volume you will find:

  • A full history and background of the secretive Shadow Drow.
  • Full character traits to generate one of these fascinating Drow.
  • 4 gods of neutrality that empower the shadows they live in.
  • 3 new class options: cleric shade domain, fighter dark warrior, and rogue the shadow.
  • 3 new blade weapons and a powerful bow.
  • 10 new feats.
  • 9 new spells.
  • A fully fleshed out adventure location that is full of mystery.
  • Dare you take up the call of the shadows? Only the strongest survive in this world.

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