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Dungeons And Dragons Onslaught: Sellswords 1 Expansion

WZK89707 Dungeons And Dragons Onslaught: Sellswords 1 Expansion published by WizKids Games

Four new mercenaries apply their skills and offer up new options, abilities, and tactics when assembling your party. Kick in the door with Dralm the Tortle Fighter or manipulate the very flow of battle with Molly Farhill, the Gnome Cleric! Hangaku the Human Monk brings forth mobility and expert swordsmanship, and Kithra Coldforge the Dwarven Paladin hurls hammers of righteous force! Eventually, when WizKids releases future Sellswords expansion packs, there will be enough options to field the Sellswords as their own, standalone fighting force!


  • 4 highly-detailed
  • Pre-painted miniatures
  • 4 Combat Dial cards
  • 8 Level Up cards
  • Gameplay tokens
  • Rules sheet
  • Price: £27.99
           (RRP is 39.99)