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Don't Look Back Board Game: Triple Feature Pack

HPSDLB6101BSS Don't Look Back Board Game: Triple Feature Pack published by Black Site Studios

Building off the core Dont Look Back starter box, players can expand their games of Dont Look Back with this triple feature expansion pack that expands the core game with additional killers, scenarios and playable heroes packaged in a sleeved set of retro style VHS cases.

Attack of the Greys

  • Thematic VHS style packaging
  • 3 Resin visitor miniatures
  • New rules for playing with alien visitors
  • 2 New aliens scenario cards
  • Death on the Line

  • Thematic VHS style packaging
  • 1 Resin Boxcar Willy miniature
  • 2 Custom Boxcar Willy scenarios
  • Final Girls

  • Thematic VHS style packaging
  • 4 New heroine miniatures
  • Kat Grifter
  • Chisaki O
  • Rachel Newton
  • Dr. Grange
  • 4 Character cards
  • Don't Look Back starter box required to play.

    Price: £49.99
           (RRP is 59.99)