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Detective Board Game: City Of Angels

VRG007 Detective Board Game: City Of Angels published by Van Ryder Games

Step Into the Dark & Violent World of 1940's Los Angeles. Detective: City of Angels is a game of mystery, deception, and investigation. Most players will step into the shoes of LAPD homicide detectives, hungry for glory and willing to do whatever it takes to successfully close a case, even if that means intimidating suspects, concealing evidence, and a hiring snitches to rat on their fellow detectives. One player, however, will take on the role of the Chisel, whose only goal is to stall and misdirect the detectives at every turn using bluffing, manipulation, and (often) outright lies.

Using the innovative ARC (Adaptive Response Card) System to create the feel of interrogating a suspect, the Chisel will control how suspects choose to answer questions. Detectives can challenge responses that they think are lies, but at great risk: If they're wrong, the Chisel will acquire leverage over them, making the case that much harder to solve. Detective: CoA includes separate, detailed casebooks for both the detectives and the Chisel. Each crime is a carefully constructed puzzle that can unfold in a variety of ways depending on how the detectives choose to pursue their investigations. As the detectives turn their city upside down, uncovering fresh evidence and "hot" leads, hidden suspects may be revealed and new lines of questioning will open up, creating a rich, story-driven experience. Will one detective rise above the rest and close the case on L.A.'s latest high profile murder? Or will the Chisel sow enough doubt and confusion to prevent the detectives from solving the crime?


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Detective Boards
  • 1 Chisel Board
  • 1 Pad of Investigation Sheets
  • 4 Detective Casebooks
  • 1 Sleuth (Solo) Casebook
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Tutorial Book
  • 1 ARC Sleeve
  • 9 Individual Case Tuckboxes
  • 118 Case & Mystery Cards
  • 97 Response Cards
  • 204 Search & Special Cards
  • 9 Sleuth (Solo) Cards
  • 8 Favor Cards
  • 8 Grift Cards
  • 8 Evidence Removed Cards
  • 12 Evidence Removed Markers
  • 37 Suspect Standees
  • 6 Standee Bases
  • 4 Detective Minis & Bases
  • 32 Leverage Markers
  • 32 Knowledge Markers
  • 16 Action Cubes
  • 4 Solve Tokens
  • 8 Bribe-a-Snitch Tokens
  • 49 Scratch Tokens
  • 1 Day Marker
  • 1 Crime Scene Marker
  • 1 Final Guess Marker
  • 3 Stress Markers
  • No. of Players: 1 to 5

    Duration: 30 to 150 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: £77.99
           (£76.04 after automatic discount!, RRP is 89.99)