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Delve Game: Solo Map Drawing Ruleset

BLWDEL01 Delve Game: Solo Map Drawing Ruleset published by Anna Blackwell

BLWDEL01: Delve Game: Solo Map Drawing Ruleset is Out of Stock

DELVE is the solo map drawing game that launched the whole series of games. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, DELVE was my attempt to take the former's amazing emergent narrative and apply it to something that didn't require a university degree to play. Much like its role model, DELVE puts you in control of a dwarven stronghold from its first strike into the ground through to its glory or demise. Along the way you'll face flooding and lava, gas and ghouls, ancient monstrosities and weirder still.

The core zine has rules for:

  • Making a unique dwarven hold
  • Generating special artefacts and ancient monstrosities
  • Facing ghouls and goblins, draugr and dragons in lightweight tactical combat
  • DELVE will continue to be expanded upon through a mix of free updates and paid expansions. The core game is standalone and not dependent on any of these additions, they just add more to the game.

    No. of Players: 1

    Duration: 10 to 60 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: £8.49
           (RRP is 9.99)