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Deluxe Board Game Train Sets (Complete Set)

LPX10011005 Deluxe Board Game Train Sets (Complete Set) published by Little Plastic Train Company

LPX10011005: Deluxe Board Game Train Sets (Complete Set) is Out of Stock

This deluxe board game train set comes with 5 different train set designs totalling 240 trains. Each set contains 48 highly detailed trains, 1 stackable score marker, and 1 metal tin to store the set in.

The trains and marker are made from high quality ABS plastic (the same plastic Lego is made out of) and coloured by machine for perfect 0.2mm detailing, These trains can be used to upgrade the playing experience for many games including Ticket to Ride, Railways of the World, Irish Gauge, Ride the Rails, Age of Steam and more.

Price: £77.99
       (£76.04 after automatic discount!, RRP is 99.99)