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Delta Green RPG: A Victim Of The Art

APU8119 Delta Green RPG: A Victim Of The Art published by Arc Dream Publishing

Grisly Deaths in a Seaside Town. A serial killer is at work in quiet Glenridge, Long Island. Bizarre mutilations mark the victims of the Glenridge Chiropractor, as national news and the conspiracy theorists at Phenomen-X call the killer. Privately, the medical examiner is more troubled by residue found on the corpses: a pulpy, gray, organic substance that defies analysis. When the police ask the FBI for help, Delta Green agents answer the call. This is hardly the first serial-killer case where Delta Green has suspected unnatural forces. But it might be the most dangerous to body and soul.

A Victim of the Art first appeared in the award-winning sourcebook Delta Green: Countdown. This new version has been revised for the rules and updated setting of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, with new color illustrations by the author. A Victim of the Art is playable with Delta Green: Need to Know or Delta Green: Agents Handbook, available from Arc Dream Publishing.

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