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Cyclades Board Game: Titans Expansion

MTG641983 Cyclades Board Game: Titans Expansion published by Matagot SARL

MTG641983: Cyclades Board Game: Titans Expansion is Out of Stock

In the Cyclades archipelago, tension has reached a boiling point.

The conflict is now focused mainly on two large neighboring islands. With the help of the Gods, there are now 6 great cities of ancient Greece fighting for supremacy.

Now, more than ever, the war is raging. And on top of all that, Kronos decided to join the party, and with him comes a horde of Titans, ready to anihilate everything in their path

In order to play the Titans expansion, you need to have the Cyclades base game.

This expansion offers new modules that are designed to be played together. Of course, you can also add one or more turn!


  • 1 new double-sided game board (3/4 players and 5/6 players).
  • 1 new Offerings board
  • 1 large God tile: Kronos
  • 5 Divine Artifact figurines + 5 corresponding cards
  • 5 Special Metropolis cards tiles + 5 corresponding cards
  • 7 prosperity markers
  • 1 rulebook
    and components for a 6th player
  • 2 offering tokens
  • 8 Fleets
  • 6 territory markers
  • 8 troops
  • 1 screen
  • 3 Titans
    For each of the other 5 colors:
  • 3 territory markers
  • 3 Titans
  • No. of Players: 2 to 6

    Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

    Min. Age: 13

    Price: £39.99
           (RRP is 46.99)