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Cthulhu Wars Board Game: Yuggoth Map Expansion

The Yuggoth map is quite unusual. It adds three new Areas with special powers:

The faction which controls the Slime Sea overlook is allowed to summon a new Neutral monster; the Slime Mold. However, they obey ANYONE who controls the overlook, so you must maintain control of the overlook lest your opponents take control of your new army!

The faction which controls the Laboratory can use it to transform their Cultists into Brain Cylinders. Cylinders still produce Power like a normal Cultist, but cannot move on their own (they have to be carried). They also cannot fight or be selected to take a hit in combat, and when an opponent captures a Brain Cylinder it transforms into a Brain Cylinder of that faction. The benefit of Brain cylinders is the sacrificed cultists can be resummoned, giving you 4 more cultists and therefore more power and ability to control gates.

The Green Pyramid contains the mighty Brain of Yuggoth, increasing the power output of any gates built on it. However, each Cleanup Phase, the Green Pyramid's controller has to check to see if the Watcher of the Green Pyramid has been awakened! The Watcher is a particularly loathsome Great Old One who is the enemy of EVERY faction, and, after destroying all units at the Green Pyramid, moves on a set path around the map wreaking destruction everywhere. He has his own unique figure.

No. of Players: 2 to 5

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 14

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