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Cthulhu Wars Board Game: Sleeper Faction Expansion

PETCWF2 Cthulhu Wars Board Game: Sleeper Faction Expansion published by Petersen Entertainment

PETCWF2: Cthulhu Wars Board Game: Sleeper Faction Expansion is Out of Stock

Cthulhu Wars Faction Expansions add a new force to the area control miniature game. The expansion comes with all the models, spellbooks and other components needed to play the faction which can be played with any combination of other factions from the base game or other expansions, or can be used to increase the number of players able to play in a single game.

The Sleeper turns indolence into a virtue, as the greed-crazed God of Entropy, Tsathoggua, emerges from the depths to turn the world upside-down. The Sleeper can force enemy factions to make sacrifices to him, and he is able to capture and sacrifice enemy monsters. He can bring out ancient sorceries, make monsters monsters that appear for free on-map, and wizards who are able to steal opponents special abilities.

With many other abilities that allow the Sleeper player to do more for less this is the most Power-efficient faction around.

No. of Players: 3 to 4

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £38.99
       (RRP is 65.99)