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Cthulhu Wars Board Game: Great Old One Pack 2

PETCWGOO2 Cthulhu Wars Board Game: Great Old One Pack 2 published by Petersen Entertainment

Cthulhu Wars: Great Old One Pack Two adds four new Great Old Ones to Cthulhu Wars, and all four are available to each faction on a first come, first served basis. If you awaken Father Dagon first, then no one else has access to her...unless they can kill her and reawaken her for themselves. Each Great Old One has its own special ability, plus its own unique spellbook, which is earned separately from your own.

  • Atlach-Nacha has a special ability that allows you to place one web token in the area where it is located, and if you have a complete chain of web tokens across the map, you receive its spellbook and win the game.
  • Bokrug doesn't vanish if killed, but instead demands that you place it on an area with no enemy units during the cleanup. The drawback is that one of your opponents removes one of your cultists from the map during cleanup as well. Thankfully, you can pass Bokrug to an opponent, thereby forcing the loss of a cultist onto that player instead of you.
  • Father Dagon gives you an action that washes enemy units from the shore into the sea depths, and once you have his spellbook in play, you must sacrifice a cultist each turn in exchange for 6 power.
  • Ghatanothoa mummifies enemy cultists, and his spellbook lets you do so even faster.

  • No. of Players: 2 to 5

    Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: £25.99
           (RRP is 32.99)