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Cthulhu Alphabet Cerulian Foil Hardback Sourcebook

GMG4387P Cthulhu Alphabet Cerulian Foil Hardback Sourcebook published by Goodman Games

An A to Z reference for Lovecraftian Mythos Design!

A is for Angles, B is for Books and C is for Cultists. Game masters of any rules system will find twisted inspiration for creating madness-inducing game ingenuity from ancient, underground worlds. This tome contains haunting text and cleverly authored random tables to help you create necronomic stories of forbidden traits, dangerous powers, and lore transcribed from the ravings of madmen.

Beware the fear-provoking illustrations by artists in the thrall of hte elder gods that will haunt your dreams. All of this, and more, from the libraries of Miskatonic University and Goodman Games!

This grimoire is compatible with all fantasy and horror role playing games.

Price: 21.49
       (RRP is 25.99)