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Crime Scene Case 2: The Midnight Crown

PEGHIDENG02 Crime Scene Case 2: The Midnight Crown published by Hidden Games

The Museum of "Wakefield" needs your help! The famous diadem of the Madonna, an heirloom of a rich aristocratic family, was stolen from a museum in "Wakefield" during the Long Night of Museums and a mysterious something was left behind. A construct of intrigue and secrets is knitted around a supposedly simple burglary. Be there to support Detective Jason Mahown a second time and catch those responsible in the act. Throw yourself headlong into an exciting crime case and find your way to the solution using multimedia. Wakefield also has a few skeletons in its cupboard...

Work together as private detectives to investigate a real crime case! One thing is clear: this calls for true pros. To find the murderer, you will need to examine all the documents carefully, study the fingerprints, check the alibis and do some research. A real detective will follow any scent to uncover the mystery. Can you think creatively enough? No limits are imposed on your creativity during your investigations.

No. of Players: 1 to 6

Duration: 90 to 150 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £22.99
       (RRP is 25.99)