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Crazy Tower Board Game

SYNCRZ001 Crazy Tower Board Game published by Synapses Games

With shaking hands and a fast-beating heart, you prepare to add another block to the teetering tower. Will it continue to stand, or topple to the ground? A bead of sweat trickles down your forehead as you release the block, and then, the moment of truth. The tower sways for a second, then rights itself. Its going to stay standing, at least for now. Although most of you are working as a team, one player is a Traitor trying to make the tower fall.

In Crazy Tower, players work together to get rid of their blocks and build a safe, stable structure. All of them, except for one that is. One player takes on the role of the Traitor, looking to deviously make a building that will collapse on another players turn. Will they succeed, or will the Tower stand the test of time? Either way, you can bet its going to be crazy! On a turn, players can either place a block on the highest floor of the tower or place a new Floor and then add a block to that floor. A block may only ever be added to the highest Floor and must be laid following the instructions on the Floor. If the team successfully places their final piece on the Tower, they win the game, but if it falls and its not on the Saboteurs turn, then they win.

No. of Players: 1 to 4

Duration: 10 to 20 minutes

Min. Age: 8

Price: £15.99
       (RRP is 19.99)