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Cowboys II Board Game Cowboys And Indians Edition

WPUB055 Cowboys II Board Game Cowboys And Indians Edition published by Worthington Games

WPUB055: Cowboys II Board Game Cowboys And Indians Edition is Out of Stock

COWBOYS II is a game about the old west. Some fact, some fiction, it pits opposing sides against each other, bringing to life the daring and dastardly deeds of heroes and villains when the way of the gun ruled the day. The main characters are cowboys. These were the lawmen, gunfighters, gamblers, and ne'er do wells who knew how to handle themselves during a gunfight. Also the town folk will show up to rescue the day or add a much needed gun to the fight. Watch out, you never know when the Indians are going to show up.

Cowboys II is a NEW game based on the original Cowboys game. All new boards, scenarios/episodes, more Cowboys AND Indians! Also new are custom, moveable terrain and cowboy setting elements that allow a complete SANDBOX environment for players to create the old west the way they like it.


  • 6 Double-sided Mounted Game Boards
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Episode Book
  • 12 Character Tracking Charts
  • 2 Six-sided Dice
  • 12 Cowboy Counters w/ Plastic Bases
  • Other Counters
  • No. of Players: 1 to 10

    Duration: 30 to 90 minutes

    Min. Age: 10

    Price: £72.99
           (£71.17 after automatic discount!, RRP is 84.99)