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Cosmic Encounter Board Game: Duel Gamemat

FFGCED02 Cosmic Encounter Board Game: Duel Gamemat published by Fantasy Flight Games

Stage your instellar battles in cinematic fashion with the Cosmic Encounter Duel Gamemat!

This 26 by 36 playmat features vibrant original art from Cosmic Encounter Duel atop a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base. As you become immersed in your cosmic clashes, you can display your cards and components in a clean, organized fashion while protecting them from stains and spills, whether you're playing in a tournament or just around the kitchen table. Whichever species you choose to lead in their fight to join the Cosmic Citizenship Council, this playmat will help keep your cards and components protected, ensuring that the focus stays where it belongson your games!

Price: 16.99
       (RRP is 32.99)