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Cosmic Encounter Board Game: Cosmic Eons Expansion

FFGCE07 Cosmic Encounter Board Game: Cosmic Eons Expansion published by Fantasy Flight Games

The galaxy of Cosmic Encounter, like most galaxies, is constantly changing. Just when you think youve explored every corner of it and met most of its aliens, you turn around to find that a new star system has just materialised, full of new species with astonishing, wildly unique customs.

Youve learned that when interacting with a strange alien for the first time, its best not to reveal all of your hand at once. If you want to establish colonies in these recently-formed parts of the galaxy, youll have to be conceal your true intentions, negotiate with cunning, and be careful not to put your foot into cross-cultural quicksandor into your mouth.

Cosmic Eons, an expansion for Cosmic Encounter, introduces new aliens with abilities unlike any youve dealt with so far, but it doesnt stop there. This expansion features the Hidden Alliances variant, which enables you and your opponents to reveal simultaneously whose side youre on. With this simple mechanical twist, Cosmic Eons promises not just to open up a new part of the galaxy, but to change how you play the game.

No. of Players: 3 to 5

Duration: 60 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £22.99
       (RRP is 27.99)